Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Jay, Landon, and I went to the lake and camped with mom and dad last night. We grilled hamburgers and just hung out last night. Then, this morning, Jay and Papa Tim took Landon fishing. He caught his first fish. Jay said he caught about 5 by himself, then he reeled in Papa Tim's. Landon told me he caught 20...... I think he's already learning how to be a "true fisherman!" Mamaw, Papaw, Daniel, Colt, and Marlee came over and we had a fish fry. Some friends, at the lake came down to eat with us. Jay and I had grilled hamburgers because we don't like fried fish. Daddy also fried onion rings, green tomatoes, and french fries. Yummy!! It was so good. Just about the time we sat down to eat, the bottom fell out of the sky. It rained so hard the entire time we ate lunch. Then, it cleared up and became a beautiful day. Me, Jay and Daniel took the kids down to the water to swim. They had so much fun. The water was really cold, but we stayed in for quite a while. Luke came down then and he and Jay took the kids out in the boat to fish. Daniel and I were sitting on the pier and our friends came around in there boat and asked if we wanted to ride! SURE!!! I jumped on the chance! We went around and found the guys and kids. Marlee and Landon decided they were coming back with us. We went back and walked back up to the camper. Our cousin Greg was there. Poor Landon, is sunburned! I am a bad mama! I have never had to worry about sunscreen and Colt and Marlee have never needed it either. I totally forgot how pale and white my little man is. Oooops! Guess I'll have to remember that next time....huh? Even though little man is a little burned, it didn't slow him down much. He still had a great time. It was a great weekend! I am glad to be home though, and I will be glad to sleep in my bed tonight! I have an incredibly busy day tomorrow and then Wednesday I am heading to the BEACH!!!!

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