Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Wedding Day

The morning of the wedding, the way it was supposed to happen:
At 7:00 am Jay was going to catch a flight from LaCrosse, WI to Chigago, IL. Then from Chigago, IL to Nashville, TN. He was going to land in Nashville around 10:00 am. From there, Terry was going to pick him up and they were going to head to Alabama. They were going to be here around lunch time. I was going to hide from him all day (a groom can't see his bride before the wedding). At 5:00, we were all going to be at the church and start pictures. At 7:00 the wedding was going to begin.

The morning of the wedding, the way it actually happened:
I woke up before 7:00, surprised that Landon was still in his bed and still asleep! (Normally he's in bed with me, talking non-stop, by 5:00 am.) Feeling excited, I called Jay to make sure that he was on his way to the airport. He was already there. Yay!!!! Everything is good! We're getting married!!!! Then...the nightmare began! Jay called a little later and told me that his flight was being canceled due to hydraulic problems. He was on standby for the next flight. He called a little later telling me that flight was overbooked. He didn't get on. (Meanwhile, I'm at home crying my eyes out!) So, then he gets in line to find out what to do next. He finds out there's a flight out of Rockchester, MN that will get him to Nashville in time. All he has to do is get a rental car. After he has waited in line forever, the totally rude girl at the counter tells him they won't accept his debit card. They needed a $500 deposit. (For those of you who don't know, we didn't have $500 in our account.) At this point, my poor, precious, sweet Jay, loses it! He told the girl at the counter what he thought about her, he called my mom screaming and crying, he paced the airport.....While he was in his "meltdown" state, a man that we don't know, gives Jay his car keys. He gave Jay his own personal car, to drive to Minnesota. He told Jay "go, you have a wedding to get to". Wow!!!! I am amazed everytime I think about this! So, Jay gets to Minnesota, only to find out that he had missed his flight. Finally, he gets on another flight. When he got seated, they announce a delay due to someone's armrest being broken. This took about 15 minutes to correct. All the while, Jay is telling everyone around him his story of the day. Just then, the Captain comes over the speaker and says, "ladies and gentlemen, we have a special guest on the flight today. His name is Jay Morse and he is a US soldier. He's trying to get home to get married before he leaves for Iraq next week. He's already late for his wedding, so if everyone will, please stay seated when the plane lands and let Jay off first." Jay said everyone on the plane started clapping. Finally, the plane took off. He landed in Nashville a little before 5:00 pm. (just a note....the wedding was supposed to start at 7, and it's a 2 hour drive from Nashville. Jay still had to come home and change clothes before coming to the church.)
Back in Hartselle, I've cried all day long. Everytime I heard an update, I came unglued again. That is until, I took a xanex. Those are wonderful little pills! Tammy and Joy and I went to get lunch and I helped myself to a Mango Margarita, this also helped settle me for the day. So then, I came home, got my things together and went to get my hair done. While at the salon, I was sitting in Kim's chair enjoying getting my hair done, and State Board came in. (another note: it is really stressful when State Board comes in) We got a 100! Then the phone rings. It's my grandmother calling to tell me the florist "forgot" to make the corsages. Luckily, it was my grandmother at the florist and not me. She was waaay nicer than me. She handled it, she went to another florist and had them made really quickly and they were awesome!
From there, I hurried to the church, got dressed, and started pictures. People began to arrive. I walked around and talked to them. Finally, at 7:00, Jay made it to Hartselle, went home, changed clothes and made it to the church by 7:30. The wedding started at 7:35 and was over at 8:05. It turned out beautiful! It was a wonderful wedding. And now....we are finally Mr and Mrs Morse!

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